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To serve humanity by combining technical expertise, adaptable leadership, the power of relationships and a core creative purpose to create exceptional and unconventional results. 


Combining technical expertise, adaptable leadership, and a core creative purpose to create exceptional and unconventional results for our partners in a wide variety of disciplines.  We create collaboration through connection and innovation in defense, civic engagement, strategic planning, marketing, emerging technology and leadership.


Purpose Driven

We do not sell toasters and we do not partner transactionally.  Ever.  We work to build strong lasting partnerships and only commit to projects that are impactful to humanity and serve a greater good.  


Be a leader in thought, deed and action.  We believe it is most effective when delivered through the vision of a clear unifying purpose, never creating a hierarchy of servitude or position and is delivered with transparency, vulnerability and predictability.  


Is choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another person’s actions*.  We strive to earn a position as the first people thought of to be entrusted with that sacred responsibility when customers choose partners for their most important projects.


Form and function deserve to live in a beautiful and inspiring world and it is invaluable to ensure we blend creative elements into everything we do.  



Is the most powerful catalyst for human connection.  It cements ideas, influences social actions and creates experiences over moments of fact.  The medium of storytelling can be visual, video, aural and we always share, show or tell everything within the context of a story. 

The Art of The Possible

Envision the future as if it were the distant past and always ask what is possible today that was not yesterday.  We leverage the power of opportunities in the spaces created by the evolving nature of relationships, policy, culture and technology 


The application of science is simply a disciplined and contextual application of problem-solving and critical thinking.  Scientific literacy is the key to sharing concepts but demands the art of storytelling and the application of creativity to connect technology to the functional imaginations of our stakeholders.



*Charles Feltman

Continuing a Life of Service After the Military

For SCG Founder John Schmitt, a life of service continues to be a foundational principle driving the company.  A letter written by General J. M. Wainwright to soldiers returning to civilian life after World War II became a call to action.  To read the inspiring letter recovered from John's grandfather's belongings after his passing, click here.

Hear more about John's  transition from the military in his interview with Beyond the Uniform: 

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